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Here we are reminded of the divide between the lay and ecclesiastical belief system that often pops up in folktales. The tale also mentions that the townspeople took action to prevent her from doing the same in future, but as ominous as that sounds we are not informed of what this action was. I will first however go further into the use of the rope as a method of stealing.

The act of stealing through the gathering of dew using rope is attested in a number of sources and was evidently a very pervasive belief. So, here we see that it was not only your butter that was in danger from being stolen, but that it could also be stolen at the source. Here again we see the same practice being employed, but it specifically states that it must be white, and in the shape of a rope.

He tells us of a case of how in his locality there was a person with only three cows that was producing more milk than another who had ten, clear evidence that they possessed this black art. These hags often had the ability to shapeshift into hares and in this guise we oft encounter them in folktales and accounts. This is a very old and persuasive belief and is by no means contained to just Ireland and is in fact found throughout Europe.

He says how it was believed in Ireland, Wales, Scotland about witches turning into hare to suckle the milk. This is mirrored in Irish sources, including in the laws. It is amazing to see the continuation of tradition, still fervently believed into the last century unchanged by modernity. As I mentioned, this phenomenon is not only found in Ireland but also throughout Europe. An interesting contrast is the Nordic tradition. The difference here is that instead of shapeshifting herself, the witch makes the creature. In the Irish tradition the only way in many cases of injuring these shapeshifters is by shooting them with silver.

I will add the video here. It can be found from onwards. B Yeats. The material below is found elsewhere in the folklore record so is likely genuine, but they are both prone to flights of fancy and prone to inventing Fakelore. In another account she is told of a woman who visited a wise woman to remedy the issue that day after day, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to make butter.

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She was instructed to go to a running stream at sunrise and collect the water. After adding this to the milk while churning she ends up with rolls and rolls of butter, most likely her lost butter magically returning. Using water from a running stream often pops up in folklore and has many, often magical or healing properties, especially if it is taken from converging streams or streams that run on the boundaries of townlands. The fact it is collected at sunrise is also worth noting as this liminal time, not being either day or night, imbues the water with mystical properties such as when morning dew is collected and believed to have healing capabilities.

Now what seems to be inconsequential at first glance, stood out glaringly to me. These books are invariably written in the Irish language and filled with esoteric and otherworldly as well as terrestrial healing methods. Sometimes these are passed down the family line but they often disappear upon the death of the person they had been gifted to.

Next I will move on to what is probably the most macabre element attached to butter stealing lore, the dead hand. This was, as you can imagine from the name, a preserved hand from a corpse. The milk was churned using this preserved hand by stirring the milk with it.

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Some source say it has to be done times accompanied by spells. An account from Co Longford tells us that you need to mix some of your intended victims milk with your own in order for it to work. As hideous and unspeakable this eerie talisman is especially when viewed though the lens of modernity it was not always used for malicious reasons. Another interesting use for it was the belief that it could also be used by someone who was committing a crime in the belief that it would render them invisible or help them evade capture.

There is an interesting account where two thieves were apprehended in at loughcrew with a hand in their possession. Luckily there were a number of proven methods to stop people from stealing your profit. A number of these methods will be addressed next. To prevent your milk or butter from being stolen there were various safeguards you could employ to stop this from happening.

It was a common practice of children on May eve to collect flowers to place on doorsteps, windowsills and in byres to protect the household and animals ibid These flowers were also tied, as a form of protection, to horns or tails of the cows or even to the churn dash itself Danaher, Hair can also be used for protection, with a hair spancel tied at the cow gap to prevent your cows being milked by fairies.

Protection of the cows was also done by tying a red string to the tail after calving.

Fire, salt and Iron are also Items that are efficacious in the prevention and nullification of these ill-boding forces, a factor that is not only confined to Ireland, but found in cultures across the globe. It would come as no surprise then that when looking at a profession that combines both fire and iron, that of a blacksmith, that they would feature in stories relating to the magical theft of butter or milk. I found the inclusion of consulting the blacksmith in this story to be fairly unique as usually these types of tales involve a person just heating a piece of Iron and putting it into the milk to harm the person stealing the butter.

In a society where butter stealing was a very real fear, I feel it speaks volumes about the status of the blacksmith in society due to the fact that he was consulted on in this matter in a situation like this. This fire could have only red hot coals, no black sods of turf and there was to be no smoke in the room.

As well as this the windows needed to be blinded and the door bolted. Similar to other tales where iron is used to dispel the evil force, the heated iron was to be placed inside the milk. This action often has a direct effect on the person who is stealing the butter, and in this instance we see an old woman in the river next to house, splashing herself with water to cool down due to the heat generated from putting the red hot iron into the milk, and it affecting her in turn.

The connection to fire is also seen elsewhere with a prohibition on smoking and other lore associated with fire. I will address these next. In many areas there was a prohibition on smoking while the churning was taking place.


The following examples illustrate this:. In conclusion, we have seen just a brief selection of the lore attached to the everyday practice of dairy production.

Thank you for making it to the end of a relatively lengthy piece. Jenkins, R. Cavan, Collector: P. Gaynor, 27 th of January Longford, Bealoideas, Iml.